Best Apps for Kindergarten

My husband and I debated for months over whether or not to invest in some form of tablet to incorporate into homeschooling. One month, we had a little extra cash and saw a used iPad on craigslist at a great price. That sealed the deal, and we’ve not regretted it once.

There are tonnes of uses for the tablet, and I think using Kid Learning Song and other child-friendly videos on Youtube has really helped them with their development. It’s so easy finding nursery rhymes or songs to help them memorize important information, and if it’s helping them, I’m all for it.

I’m ridiculously particular when it comes to choosing apps for our kids. But I’ve been thoroughly impressed with some of the ones that we’ve found and fallen in love with. Well designed, simple, and our kids not only like them – they really do help them learn! Most of the apps we use fall into one of two categories…


Number Bonds by Thinkout – a fun rocketship/alien twist to cuisenaire rods

Intro to Math by Montessorium – more cuisenaire style activities plus number writing practice

Math Kid – shows simple math problems along with a visual aid for finger counting to help connect adding on fingers to written equations



Bob Books Reading Magic #1 – great progression from letter sounds, to correct sequence of letters, to choosing correct letters, to spelling with no visual clues

Sight Words by Photo Touch – super simple interface that displays a set of words and says one of them, helps kids listen for letter sounds and connect them to words

AlphaWriter by Montessorium – choose an object and listen to the letter sounds then spell it with letter tiles, introduces letter blends

Sight Words by Little Speller – another super simple interface that displays a word along with the letter tiles to spell the word


And for our not-quite-three year old, Goodnight Safari (an interactive storybook) and ABC by PhotoTouch have been awesome too.



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