Keeping the Pre-preschooler Busy

So what does the not-quite-three year old do while “school is in session”?

I wish I had a better answer. I had great plans, but you know how that goes with small children. My initial schedule had her sitting with us and only needing to be self-entertained for 10-15 minute blocks at a time with fun and exciting educational toys and then including her in our read alouds and crafts and science experiments and on and on.

And sometimes that kind of works. Sometimes I just do whatever it takes to keep her content and self-occupied long enough for us to get through the day’s work. And sometimes (like yesterday) it results in her giving herself a haircut after she spent about 20 minutes happily cutting the slime we made last week.

Note to self: Safety scissors still require strict supervision… for reasons that extend beyond safety.

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