How I Got My Starbucks Gold Card for FREE!!!

I’ll admit it. Coffee drives me. It’s not even the caffeine anymore, it’s the ritual… the warm cup in my hands, the aroma, sipping slowly, and okay, maybe it’s still a little bit about the caffeine.

I wasn’t even a big fan of coffee, to begin with. I found it bitter and only drank it for the extra alertness it allowed me. I have a friend who is exactly the same so he adds caffeine powder to his drink every morning to give him the boost he needs. But the difference between him and me is that I got used to the taste of it and started loving every sip!

Honestly, I prefer to drink my coffee at home. Aeropress, french press, pour-over, stovetop… I have veritable brewing menagerie when it comes to making the perfect cup. Whether it’s summer and I want a nice cold brewed cup with a little simple syrup, or it’s fall and I’m spiking my chai with a shot of espresso – my own kitchen really is my favorite coffee shop.

How I Earned My Starbucks Gold Card For FREE!!! - A great way to support your coffee habit, buying FREE coffee that earns you more FREE coffee!

However, I’m a mom. I have three small-ish kids that I homeschool. Life sometimes gets in the way of my quiet little kitchen. It’s in those moments that reliably crafted coffee drinks from a drive thru become a close second to a home brewed cup. Still, I cringe at paying nearly $5 for a mid day pick me up.

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But this spring, I found a brilliant solution. I started using my Swagbucks to get Starbucks gift cards! If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks – it’s a website that offers rewards for activities like web searches, downloading apps, finding secret codes, and more. You can easily earn $5-10/month without really trying, but with a small amount of effort I was able to earn around $25-35 a month.starbucks, swagbucks, free, free coffee, starbucks gold card

Sure, $25 isn’t a ton, but it buys a good number of iced coffees and macchiattos. 😉 And by joining the Starbucks reward program, I was able to take advantage of their frequent bonus stars offered for trying particular products or frequent visits. For example, I recently got 10 bonus stars for making 3 visits within two weeks. As a gold member, I earn a free drink for every 12 stars. So after buying three drinks (courtesy of my Swagbucks), I had already earned a free drink with my bonus stars! If you’re looking to try and make even more savings on your coffee’s sites like PromoCodeWatch offer discount codes for many big brand stores, yes Starbucks is on their extensive list!

While I’ll stick to homebrewed for my daily fix, it sure has been amazing to have that sparkly gold card in my wallet for those inevitable moments of desperation! Free caffeination? I’ll drink to that!

Swagbucks can actually be redeemed for a bazillion different kinds of gift cards and there are people out there earning WAY more than $25 each month – how much $$$ could you use for spending at which store? Sign up today and find out!

And if you need some help deciding where to get started – there are tons of blog posts out there with tips and tricks. Here are a few to get you started:

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