How To Make 20 Busy Bags For Only $5

Moms of toddlers, I feel your pain.  Sometimes you just need your kid to be occupied for 5 minutes so you can brush your teeth/make a phone call/toast a pop-tart/whatever.  My twins were 2 1/2 when my 3rd was born, so we took on the toddler game full force.  Busy bags were always a great way to perk up a kid who was sick of their toys or bored in the checkout line at Target. 

And I have the master plan that you need!  I was able to purchase ALL of these items at Dollar Tree, our local (giant) dollar store, where everything truly is only a dollar.

go buy this stuff!

-colored popsicle sticks

-pom poms


-clothes pins

-hook and loop fasteners (aka Velcro)

That’s it.  Five items, $5.  And here are all the links you need to make it happen…

Matching Colored Popsicle Sticks to Clothespins Game

How To Make a Popsicle Stick Puzzle

More Cute Popsicle Puzzles

Alphabet Pom Pom Printables

More Alphabet Pom Pom Printables

Numbers Pom Pom Printables

Counting Pom Pom Printables

Pom Pom Push Bin

Pom Pom Picture Printables

Pom Pom Color Drop

Counting Caterpillar Printable

Making Shapes Activity

Velcro Popsicle Sticks

Clothes Pin Pom Pom Drop

Clothes Pin Counting Printable

More Clothes Pin Counting

Pom Pom Counting Sticks

Velcro Shape Matching Game

Velcro Mr. Potato Head

Pom Pom Tic Tac Toe

And don’t forget to get my very own popsicle puzzles!!! Pinned over 50,000 times!Free Printable Popsicle Puzzles - pineed over 50,000 times!!!

Phew!  You made it!  That was a lot of links… I hope this helps you keep your toddler busy and gives you a few more minutes to come back and check out the rest of my blog. 😉  Now go get busy!

Disclaimer: you may not have enough of one particular item to make ALL the activities including that item at one time, but you can either rotate those activities or if they’re a really huge hit, just go spend another dollar and double your stash.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make 20 Busy Bags For Only $5

  1. Ashley @ Forgetful Momma says:

    THANK YOU! I need this. This year I have two at my homeschool table with an almost 3 year old running around waiting attention, wanting to do something like his sisters. I’ll be hitting the dollar store this week to get these things. 🙂

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