DIY Glitter Magnets

Adorable DIY Glitter Magnets! What a great gift idea!

I’ve got a thing for black and gold lately.  Sorry, not sorry.  It just looks so fancy and makes me feel like Daisy Buchanan (any Great Gatsby fans?).  These DIY glitter magnets gave me my glam fix for the weekend and were super quick and easy to make!

You’ll need:

-flat back clear marbles (glass things? do we even call these marbles??? Anyway, you can find them at a big craft store or Dollar Tree.  Just make sure they’re clear and not opalescent, unless that’s your thing.)


-glue (any kind)


-3 paintbrushes (including one you can toss)

-magnets (I found super thin, super strong neodymium magnets at a craft store.  They look so much sleeker than the thick, ceramic ones.)

-E6000 or another super heavy duty glue

Let’s do this. Dump your glitter into piles on a paper plate (for easy clean up).  Choose your marbles.  Paint the glue onto the flat back of the marbles and press the marble into the glitter pile. You might have to trash the paintbrush depending on what kind of glue you use.  Adorable DIY Glitter Magnets! What a great gift idea!You could totally glitterize the entire back but I liked the idea of showing some of the paint.

Adorable DIY Glitter Magnets! What a great gift idea!I tried out a few different glitters.  When in Rome, spread glitter everywhere you can.

Adorable DIY Glitter Magnets! What a great gift idea!Now get the other two paintbrushes.  Keep one dry and use it to dust excess glitter off of the areas you’re about to paint.  Then take the other brush and get a huge blob of paint on it.  Using generous amounts of paint will keep you from getting a brush full of glitter.  Cover the back liberally with paint and leave them upside down to dry.

Once the backs are dry, use E6000 or another super heavy duty glue to affix your magnets to the back and then go look for stuff to stick on your fridge with your awesome new magnets! It’s like the reverse of displaying your artwork on the fridge when you were a kid.  😉

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