TaoBao Basics: How to Save Your Favorite Items and Stores

Now that you know how to actually find stuff on TaoBao, you’ll probably want to save some of those treasures to easily access again in the future.  So let’s talk about saving and managing your favorite items.

How to save a “favorite”

On every product page, you should see a small star under the product photo, like this.

When you click the star, you will either get a message saying that the item has been collected into your favorites, or a confirmation message asking if you’re sure you want to save it.

The confirmation message looks like this…

And this one says the item has been successfully collected.

how to see your “favorites”

Great!  Now you know how to save an item, but where did it go?  How do I enter this magical land of TaoBao treasures perfectly curated by me? 

At the top of every TaoBao page (home page, search results, products pages, etc), you should have a header that looks like this…

See that familiar little star?  That’s where your favorites are hiding!

I’ve added a few helpful headings.  You’ll notice at the top, you have the choice between favorite items and favorite stores (I’ll show you how to save a store as a favorite in a minute).  This screen is showing favorite items, and yes, I have over 1,400.  Which is why I have a separate post about organizing these bad boys into manageable categories.

In the screen shot above, you’ll also see the following: All Items, On Sale, Unavailable, Organize By Category, and Search Your Favorites.  Let’s break those down…

All Items: Pretty obvious, but we’re going to come back to this because you can hover over this link to access the categories we’ll about to learn how to make in another post.

On Sale: Isn’t that nice?  TaoBao keeps tabs on whether or not the price has dropped since you saved an item!  This is especially helpful during the many, many special sale periods in China.  So if it’s 11/11 or 12/12/ or 5/12 or 6/18 or any other famous sale date  – you can quickly check to see if which of your favorites are being offered at a steal.

Unavailable: Oh boo!  This means that the item you saved is no longer being sold by the seller you saved it from.  The good news is that someone else is almost certainly still selling it somewhere else.  Find a new seller and save it again.

Organize By Category:  I’ll outline the steps in another post, but this is where you can group items together and create your own categories so that you’re not forced to sift through all 1,400 favorites to find that one Lego set you saved for your kiddos birthday. 

Search Your Favorites: Recently my ayi wanted more information about our oven because our western ways have swayed her to its usefulness.  I bought it on taobao and I know that an oven is a 烤箱 in chinese, so the fastest way for me to find the link was to search for it in my favorites! (I have a tendency to search and save an assortment of kitchen appliances before making a decision and settling on one, so I knew it was in there.)

How to save a store in your “Favorites”

Sometimes, you want to remember an entire store for future purchases, rather than an individual item.  Let’s look at two examples…

This leather backpack is beautiful, but the whole store is full of beautiful leather goods.  I wanted to remember it in the future in case I was looking for a manly gift for my husband.  

The circled area is the store info.  It shows me various ratings but at the bottom there are two buttons.  I underlined the button that will collect this store to your favorites – sorry, there’s no helpful little star this time.  The other button says “enter store” and will take you to the shop’s homepage.  

Unfortunately, the layout of each store and each product page can vary a little.  So let’s look at a second example…

I fell in love with the pottery and kitchen wares from lototo.  But you can see that on the right side of the page, there’s no store info.  Instead there are other items from the seller.  This time I had to hover over the store name at the top of the page.  That opened this window with ratings and again – two buttons at the bottom.  But this time, our helpful little star is back!  

But wait!  That says TMall and I thought we were learning about TaoBao?!  

No worries.  TMall and TaoBao live under the same umbrella.  When you save something from TMall, you’ll still see it in your TaoBao favorites.  Got it? Great, now let’s organize these babies

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