TaoBao Basics: Food Links!!!

As requested – here are some of my most often used food links.  Prices are subject to change and I’ve included search info for some items in case some of these links die eventually.  



block of parm 400g for 49rmb  (or search 帕马森芝士)

block of cheddar 500g for 25rmb 

emmental swiss cheese 500g for 48rmb

kroon gouda cheese 450g for 30rmb 

feta cheese 500g for 17rmb

fresh produce

real seedless limes 1.5kg for 27rmb (or search 无籽青柠檬)

shanghai based veggie seller with hard to find items like kale, brussels sprouts, and asparagus for a bargain

tomato products

tomato puree 500g for 7rmb

tomato paste 400g for 15rmb (freeze flat in a ziploc bag and break off portions as needed)

pizza sauce 240g for 14rmb

dry goods

stone ground whole wheat flour 500g for 4rmb 

roasted sesame seeds 500g for 10rmb

pepitas 500g for 17rmb 

sunflower seeds 500g for 10rmb 

red lentils 1kg for 20rmb (or search 红扁豆)

pecans 908g for 123rmb

frozen foods

waffle fries 2.26kg for 45rmb

chicken nuggets (just like McDonald’s) 500g for 16rmb 


tortillas 4 packs of 12 for 38rmb  (available from tons of sellers in various sizes, search KFC 墨西哥卷饼

deli ham “ends” 500g for 20rmb (this is the end of hams that have been used for sliced deli meat, good to chop into cubes and add to soups, salads, baked potatoes, or casseroles – this store has various types of deli meat sold this way)

smoked chicken breasts 1kg for 40rmb  (or search weiss烟熏鸡胸)

whole ham for slicing deli meat 1.4kg for 140rmb 

dried apple bits 500g for 20rmb (this usually comes as 2 – 250g bags just FYI and the seller has a variety of dried fruits at good prices)

coconut milk (no additives) 1L for 15rmb

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