Creating a New TaoBao Account

For the most part, creating a TaoBao account is easier than it’s ever been.  All you need is a chinese cellphone.  Creating a TaoBao account will automatically create a linked Alipay account with the same username and password for you to use for payment.  

First, make sure your VPN and any translation services are turned OFF.  TaoBao is much harder to use with them and these screenshots will make it super easy to follow along.

Start at TaoBao’s homepage and click this (免费注册 – free registration) in the top left corner.

That will bring you here.  You may notice that tempting “English” button on the right side of the screen but you can’t click it until the next step.  Fear not, this pop up window is just a boiler plate terms of agreement for creating your account.  Click the big orange button in the bottom center to move forward. 

Now you can click that “English” button and make the next couple minutes of your life a lot easier.  (Don’t get too excited – this English feature only exists during the sign up process, you won’t be able to magically use the entire site in English.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of work arounds for that in the other TaoBao posts.)

Enter your chinese cellphone number and slide the verification bar to the right. Then click the box next to “Create your Alipay account…” and click next.

Next up is verifying your phone number.  If you haven’t encountered this type of verification in China yet, a code will be texted to your phone and you enter it in the box provided.  The message will be in chinese but you’re just looking for a 6 digit code.  Enter the code and click “Confirm”.

That should get you here!  This is where you set your login password and a username.  (It’s worth noting that BOTH your phone number AND the username you choose will work for logging in at anytime and they will also both work to log in to your linked Alipay account.)

And that’s it!  When you hit Submit, you should get a screen like this…

And you should see the username you chose in the top left corner – in this case “teachingtb”.  Now you have a TaoBao account and are currently logged into it!  

You will still need to set up your delivery address and your payment methods in your Alipay account, which will be covered in separate posts soon…

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